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Meet the dynamic duo behind Desi Bar and Grill, the quintessential taste of Delhi nestled in the heart of Toronto. Hailing from the bustling streets of Delhi, India, these visionary brothers embarked on a transformative journey that led them to the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. However, amidst the excitement of their new home, they couldn't shake the longing for the flavors of their motherland.


Driven by nostalgia and a passion for authentic Indian cuisine, the two brothers set out to recreate the beloved tastes of Delhi right in Toronto's culinary landscape. Their dedication to crafting dishes brimming with tradition and flavor quickly earned them praise from locals and visitors alike.

Desi Bar and Grill became more than just a restaurant; it became a cherished destination, where the essence of Delhi was palpable in every bite.


Yet, their journey doesn't end here. Fuelled by their unwavering commitment to excellence, the brothers are on the brink of unveiling a brand new spot, promising to continue their legacy of culinary innovation and cultural celebration.

With every dish, they invite you to experience the warmth and richness of Delhi's culinary heritage, a testament to their enduring passion and the love they pour into every aspect of their craft.

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It's all about love

"  It's all about love."

- Desi Bar & Grill

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